Patrimonial Tour 

Lemuy Island, 

Churches and Landscapes

Lemuy Island stands out for its spectacular scenery that can be enjoyed from several lookout points, and its three churches declared World Heritage: Ichuac, Aldachildo and Detif.


We visit the village of Chonchi with its Patrimonial Church, and then cross the Yal Channel  (15 minutes navigation) to go and explore the Lemuy Island visiting its main towns and lookouts.

Visit towns of Chonchi, Ichuac, Puqueldón, Aldachildo and Detif.


4 UNESCO Churches are visited on the tour!!


Season: all year

Full Day Tour

Schedule: 9:30 - 18:30

Services includes: transfer from Castro, qualified guide, snack. Does not include restaurant consumption.

Lemuy island has splendid lookouts to appreciate its beautiful landscapes.
In the photo the village of Puqueldón and Lemuy Channel.

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