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Shore  Excursions - Port of Castro, Chiloe


Hike a trail of  2 hours by through the Temperate Forest, meduim difficulty.

Full day tour:

Duration: 6 hours

Pier of Huillinco Lake

Bosquepiedra Trail

Lunch at Restaurant

Rate: USD$125 x per

Half day tour:

Duration: 4 hours

Pier of Huillinco Lake

Bosquepiedra Trail

Rate: USD$100 x per


Cultural tour in which we cross to a secondary island and visit World Heritage Churches, including the oldest in the Archipelago: Achao

Full day tour:

Duration: 6 hours

Dalcahue, Curaco de Velez

Achao and Villa Quinchao

Lunch at Restaurant

Rate: USD$120 x per

Half day tour:

Duration: 4 hours

Dalcahue, Achao and Curaco de Velez

Rate: USD$95 x per


Tour around the city of Castro and town on Chonchi visiting the main attractions: Square, World Heritage Churches, Palafitos and craft market.

Half day tour:

Duration: 4 hours

Castro: Palafitos, Main Square, San Francisco Church, Craft Market

Chonchi: Church, Museum and Costanera.

Rate: USD$90 x per


Get a specialized guide to take you birding on the best spots around Castro: Temperate Forest, Coastal Wetlands or both. Groups up to 6.

Full day tour:

Duration: 6 hours

Birding on Temperate Forest and Coastal Wetlands

Rate: USD$140 x per

Half day tour:

Duration: 4 hours

Choose Birding on Temperate Forest or Coastal Wetlands

Rate: USD$100 x per

Rates provided are for a minimum of 2 passengers, non-private service, other passengers could join (only from the ship).

The schedule of tours adjust to the arrival and departure of the cruise ship.

All of our programs include:

  • Transfer from Castro in private vehicles (pick up at the exit of the Port)

  • Entrances to the places visited

  • Qualified guide (english spoken)

  • Snack (bottle of  mineral water and a biscuit)

  • Lunch included only on full day tours


The services must be scheduled in advance to ensure availability.

Reservations can be made by email to

To confirm reservations we request a payment of 50% of the total value of the service, which can be paid by PayPal.

Season 2019 - 2020 in Chiloe Island

Port of Castro

1 Dec 2019: Seabourn Quest 07:00-15:00

7 Dec 2019: Hanseatic Inspiration 13:00-23:00

6 Jan 2020: ms Zaandam 08:00-17:00

9 Jan 2020: Seabourn Quest 12:00-20:00

12 Jan 2020: ms Zaandam 08:00-17:00

15 Jan 2020: Seabourn Quest 07:00-15:00

27 Jan 2020: ms Volendam 08:00-17:00

31 Jan 2020: Amadea 13:00-22:00

11 Feb 2020: Amera 08:00-18:00

15 Feb 2020: Silver Shadow 12:00-19:00

19 Feb 2020: ms Zaandam 08:00-17:00

20 Feb 2020: Seabourn Quest 12:00-20:00

26 Feb 2020: Seabourn Quest 07:00-15:00

14 Mar 2020: Silver Explorer 08:00-17:00

18 Mar 2020: Le Boreal